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Enterprise System Architecture

Extensive amounts of data exist today creating both an opportunity and tremendous challenge. Our Challenge is two fold in that we have now reached the point where we are receiving so much data at such a rapid pace that often it becomes an overwhelming task and secondly meshing data from multiple desperate databases, turning the data into a valuable tool for decision making processes.

Consider the number of streams of information that is at our disposal from Customer Information Systems, SCADA, Outage Management Systems, Geographic Information Systems, etc. In addition we receive personal information from multiple sources: Spam e-mail, computer screen “pop-up” windows, instant messaging, telemarketers using predictive dialer techniques, automated computer newsgroups that push information on a regular basis, an Internet where literally thousands of new Web sites are being added daily.

This large amount of data creates Data overload and generate more problems and cost that benefits to the organization: A recent report from the Cooperative Research Network indicates the following challenges facing utilities and organizations as a whole:

  • Suboptimal or incorrect decision-making because the pertinent information either could not be easily found or could not be found in time to properly use it. 
  • Inefficient use of staff resources resulting from excessive time spent sifting through mounds of data to find the pieces that really matter to the business.
  • Greater-than-normal opportunity costs stemming from missed opportunities for things such as improved customer service, fewer bad debts, or a more competitive bid on the privatization of a nearby military base.
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