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Please use this form to express your interest in purchasing "Securing Oklahoma's Energy Future" a study on DER/Microgrids. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by e-mail to complete the purchase process.  Thank you for your interest.

Producer Perspective

Oil and gas producers have a different business model than utilities, however, they must work with utilities in order to move their business model forward. The producer perspective addresses the same issues as utilities and brings to light the different implications.

Utility Perspective

The utility perspective focuses on issues and implications surrounding DER/MG through the eyes of an electric utility. It focuses on a utility's challenges and offers solutions to these challenges. Utilities include municipals, cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and generation and transmission cooperatives.

Policymaker Perspective

Policymakers have the challenge of understanding the implications of DER/MG on oil and gas producers, stakeholders and utilities as they must regulate and make policy that benefits all. The policymaker perspective focuses on the same issues and evaluates the impacts it has on them. Policymakers include legislators and other regulatory bodies.

Stakeholder Perspective

Stakeholders are defined as generator vendors who are entering the energy industry. They face various challenges and are looking at how they can be a part of this new business model. The stakeholder perspective evaluates DER/MG through their eyes.

Study Overview

The study overview provides a synopsis of the series of reports. It includes major contributors, explains the document framework and discusses the various perspectives used when writing the study.

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