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Advancing Technology Pillar

The NESI-SES Association strategy focuses on five foundational pillars, outlined below, that will help guide the association to finding solutions and long-term success.

Advancing Technology

Technology has always played a significant role in shaping our economy, represents the progress of society, increased the life span from generation to generation and the list goes on regarding the impacts of technology on all aspects of life. Today we see a proliferation throughout the energy industry from oil and gas production technology (fracking) to new forms of generation and end user applications within the electric sector. Convergence of multiple energy sectors is creating a breakdown of the current business model and challenging industry leaders to rethink the implications and reach of new technologies and harness the value in creating a new business model.

Advancing Technology Impact Matrix

This matrix shows the level of impact the Advancing Technology issues have on the four perspectives. Implications of these issues can be found in the study report.
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