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Multiple challenges and risks are currently facing the energy industry in relation to electricity and the oil and gas industry. The NESI-SES Capacity Infrastructure Model has been deployed to address these challenges and create opportunities for increased smarter planning, smarter investments and smarter solutions. The CIM initiative was launched in partnership with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Smart Energy Source and OSU (National Energy Solutions Institute).

Collaboration – The unprecedented production levels have increased the need for communication and information architecture that enables the many stakeholders (producers, mid-stream companies, utilities, land-owners, regulatory agencies and research institutions) to share, coordinate and collaborate on critical information.

Collective Intelligence – Smarter investments that lead to smarter solutions requires that we have greater collective intelligence. This intelligence must be based on data gathering and data integrity. The CIM provides the critical framework for gathering data and creating a common database of key information.

Analytics – The CIM Energy Gateway provides an interface to collaborative data and engineering applications that turns data into knowledge. This increased knowledge and analytics reduces investments, reduces timelines for infrastructure and increases capacity for meeting the unprecedented need for energy.
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