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Foundational Pillars

The NESI-SES Association strategy focuses on five foundational pillars, outlined below, that will help guide the association to finding solutions and long-term success.

Shaping Energy Policy
Constructing a framework that provides a roadmap for new energy policy and supports both short and long-term demands of energy independence will be a positive benefit to the nation.

Advancing Technology Solutions
The NESI-SES Association will expand on current technologies and solutions by enhancing deployment and operational practices. Business process improvement and asset management will lead to increased returns on investment for energy projects.

Stakeholder Engagement
Through a bottom-up approach to research, the NESI-SES Association will enable new technologies and solutions. Engaging all stakeholders on energy priorities and solutions will be imperative to moving the goals of the association forward.

Enabling Solutions
By benchmarking best practices, the NESI-SES Association will engage all market segments to ensure solutions for the utility sector, energy sector, and commercial and residential consumers. This will be done through benchmarking best practices, business process improvements and driving returns on investments.

Building Skills and Competencies
Building the capacity of the next generation of energy leaders through new curriculum and hands-on experience in the energy sector will be crucial as solutions to future energy needs are sought.
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