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Visionary organizations and individuals understand that progress requires that you continue to advance. Henry Ford stated, “Life is not built on a level. It is built on an incline, so that when you stop climbing, you are liable to slip, and a slip may result in a slide. So keep on advancing.”

Thanks to the forward thinking of OSU President, Burns Hargis and CREC CEO and SES managing member, David Swank, giant steps have been taken to advance energy research and solutions through the National Energy Solutions Institute (NESI) in partnership with Smart Energy Source (SES).

The NESI-SES Association is built upon three principles that are critical to finding solutions to our nation’s current energy challenges:  Collaboration, Collective Intelligence and Business Analytics.


Collaboration is a critical component of our energy future. The NESI-SES Association embodies collaboration across higher education, cooperatives, utilities, energy providers, government stakeholders and consumers. NESI takes existing energy research programs at OSU and strengthens them by unifying across disciplines, while SES applies the research findings to industry. External partnerships are vital. NESI-SES’s current relationship with the energy and utility industries exemplifies the collaboration needed to address our country’s energy future.

Collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence built upon sound and practical research will be critical to the partnership’s success. Research will be based on collective data gathering and shared analysis. The concept for operations is that solutions to our country’s long-term energy challenges will be best achieved by academia and industry partnering together and sharing data and knowledge.

Business Analytics

Analysis of data leads to information sharing. The energy industry is filled with data but until those data are analyzed to make business decisions, the data will remain an expensive, underutilized investment. This can be changed through the proper development and use of business analytics applied to the energy industry.

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